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Understanding our clients requirements is key to our success. Your dedicated dealer will work with you to accurately utilise our suite of products to ensure you and your business are best positioned to achieve your financial goals.

We recommend you speak to your Capitex dealer to determine which product is best for you.

Spot contract

If your funds are available for immediate transfer, you can enter into a spot contract. We lock in the best possible rate at the time and your currency will be ready for immediate transfer to your chosen beneficiary as soon as we receive your cleared settlement funds.

Forward contract

Designed to protect you from adverse market movements over a period. If your requirements involves a future payment or series of payments, a forward will allow you to fix a rate of up to 1 year with the ability to drawdown from the contract at any time.

Limit order

Markets move around 20,000 times per day. If you have time to wait for a more favourable rate you can place a market order at your desired level and your order will be filled as soon as your target rate has been hit.

Stop loss

Can you afford for the rate to fall beneath your costing level? A stop loss will act as a safety net and limit the losses incurred if the market was to suddenly fall.


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