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Market Report: 02/04/2020

What to expect from this Friday’s US labour report The dollar advanced against its major peers on Thursday following some slightly better-th [...]

Market Report: 01/04/2020

US stocks suffer worst first quarter in history amid virus panic The first quarter of the year is now behind us and its safe to say that it w [...]

Market Report: 31/03/2020

Euro ends six-day winning streak ahead of inflation data The euro broke out of its recent trend yesterday, ending a six-day rally and finishin [...]

Market Report: 30/03/2020

Dollar falls as global response to crisis buoys markets The enormous volatility in financial markets continues, but at least now it comes in [...]

Market Report: 27/03/2020

Dollar crumbles as US coronavirus tally surpasses China The dollar retreated against almost all of its major peers on Thursday following ano [...]

Market Report: 26/03/2020

US virus cases jump, historic jump in jobless claims eyed The US dollar eased back against its major peers again on Thursday morning, fallin [...]

Market Report: 25/03/2020

Dollar eases as massive US stimulus package agreed Investors have breathed a sigh of relief in the past couple of days, with action from US [...]

Market Report: 24/03/2020

PMI data points to deep European recession For the first time in a number of weeks, investors had a handful of relevant macroeconomic data re [...]

Market Report: 23/03/2020

Investors flock to dollar as pandemic sends market reeling The spread of the coronavirus and the extreme measures taken to control the pandem [...]

Market Report: 20/03/2020

GBP volatility soars past Brexit levels on investor panic Monetary authorities around are continuing to battle hard to combat the economic r [...]

Market Report: 19/03/2020

What drove the pound to its lowest level since 1985? Sterling was nursing its bruises this morning following an extraordinary volatile day t [...]

Market Report: 18/03/2020

Sterling hits new lows despite massive stimulus package The UK government’s gigantic fiscal stimulus programme announced by Chancellor Rishi [...]

Market Report: 17/03/2020

Markets tumble as investors brace for global recession Stock markets continued to tumble on Wednesday, with the Federal Reserve’s giant-size [...]

Market Report: 16/03/2020

Currency volatility explodes on pandemic fears The sharp worsening of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to nationwide lockdowns in Ita [...]

Market Report: 13/03/2020

US dollar soars as virus concerns rips through markets Financial markets remained volatile on Friday morning as investors continue to digest [...]

Market Report: 12/03/2020

ECB set to cut rates as Trump slaps travel ban on Europe The European Central Bank is expected to follow in the footsteps of the Federal Res [...]

Market Report: 10/03/2020

How did ‘Black Monday’ impact the FX market? Growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus wreaked havoc in financial markets on Monday, ar [...]

Market Report: 05/03/2020

Why the Fed’s emergency rate cut underwhelmed The Fed cut interest rates by a giant 50 basis points on Tuesday, its first intermeeting rate c [...]

Market Report: 04/03/2020

Fed slashes rates in first emergency cut since the crisis Trading in the FX market yesterday was dominated by the Federal Reserve’s surprise [...]

Market Report: 02/03/2020

Virus fears slam markets as volatility returns to FX trading Escalating fears surrounding the coronavirus epidemic and the effect containmen [...]

Market Report: 28/02/2020

Euro soars as virus triggers aggressive Fed rate cut bets Today marks the last trading day of the month and it's safe to say that February h [...]

Market Report: 27/02/2020

Markets brace of central bank rate cuts amid virus fears Headlines regarding the coronavirus outbreak are continuing to dominate the headlin [...]