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Weekly Report: 12/10/20

US dollar sells off as risk appetite improves Renewed hopes of a significant fiscal stimulus package in the US brought about a relief rally [...]

Market Report: 09/10/2020

US dollar falls as investors bet of Biden election victory The dollar sold-off against its major peers on Friday morning as investors contin [...]

Market Report: 06/10/2020

Trump’s White House return buoys markets Optimism surrounding the possibility of more fiscal stimulus in the US lifted risk assets on Monday [...]

Market Report:02/10/2020

FX market jolted after Trump tests positive for COVID-19 Financial markets were jolted this morning on the news that US President Trump had [...]

Market Report:01/10/2020

Sterling retreats after Brexit headlines worsen The past 24 hours or so of currency trading have been rather messy for the pound. Sterling b [...]

Market Report: 25/09/20

Safe-haven dollar on course for best week in six months Risk currencies stabilised on Thursday, in a week where most have sold-off sharply v [...]

Market Report: 18/09/20

BoE opens the door to negative UK interest rates Sterling ended Thursday trading higher versus the broadly weaker US dollar, despite a more [...]

Market Report: 17/09/20

Fed sees no US rate hikes through at least 2023 The Federal Reserve indicated last night that interest rates were likely to remain at curren [...]

Market Report: 15/09/20

MPs vote in favour of Johnson’s post-Brexit bill Sterling eked out some gains against its major peers on Tuesday, buoyed by better-than-expe [...]

Weekly Report: 14/09/20

Sterling pummeled as Brexit fears haunt markets Like a sequel to a bad horror movie, the latest episode in the Brexit saga is reviving fears [...]

Market Report: 11/09/20

Pound hammered as Brexit talks continue to sour Ongoing market fears surrounding the Brexit process continued to hammer sterling on Thursday [...]

Market Report: 10/09/20

What to expect from today’s ECB meeting This afternoon’s European Central Bank (ECB) meeting will be more important than the market believed [...]

Market Report: 09/09/20

Sterling sell-off deepens amid ongoing Brexit row The pound was once again one of the worst performing major currencies in the world on Tues [...]

Market Report: 08/09/20

Pound slides as investors fearful of ‘no deal’ Brexit The ongoing political wrangling surrounding Brexit was back dominating financial marke [...]

Market Report: 07/09/20

Latin American currencies join US dollar in strong rebound Last week we saw an unusual combination of winners. The US dollar bounced back, p [...]

Market Report: 04/09/20

What to expect from today’s nonfarm payrolls report Arguably the most noteworthy headline in financial markets yesterday was the sharp retra [...]

Market Report: 02/09/2020

Euro tumbles as Eurozone inflation turns negative The euro found strong resistance around the 1.20 level versus the US dollar yesterday, bef [...]

Market Report: 26/08/2020

Euro rallies despite jump in European virus cases The major currencies have been largely rangebound so far this week, with a lack of news du [...]

Weekly Report: 24/08/20

Euro stumbles as virus fears weigh on activity data The recent sharp sell-off that we’ve witnessed in the US dollar against the euro since p [...]

Market Report: 21/08/2020

Is the UK economy enjoying a ‘V-shaped’ recovery? The pound strengthened versus the broadly weaker US dollar yesterday evening, having spent [...]

Market Report: 20/08/20

Dollar has best day since early-June after FOMC minutes A less dovish-than-expected set of meeting minutes from the Federal Reserve provided [...]

Market Report: 19/08/2020

US dollar hits new lows ahead of FOMC meeting minutes The key trend that we have witnessed in the foreign exchange market in the past three [...]

Market Report: 18/08/2020

Dollar sell-off continues during thin August trading Risk currencies got off to a strong start to the week on Monday and Tuesday, with the U [...]

Market Report: 13/08/2020

Lack of US stimulus announcement weighs on dollar The dollar was broadly weaker against its major peers on Wednesday and during Asian tradin [...]