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Market Report: 03/12/20

Dollar slides to new lows on US stimulus hopes The US dollar continued to sell-off across the board on Wednesday, with both stimulus and vac [...]

Market Report: 02/10/2020

UK approves Pfizer vaccine, Brexit doubts emerge This morning has been a tumultuous one for the pound so far, with the UK currency rocked by [...]

Market Report: 27/11/20

Euro rally eases as ECB accounts hint at more stimulus The euro gave back some of its gains versus the dollar on Thursday, albeit still rema [...]

Market Report: 26/11/20

Dollar under pressure on COVID vaccine optimism The dollar has slipped to new lows against its major peers in the past 24 hours amid some sl [...]

Market Report: 25/11/20

US dollar trades lower as investors cheer vaccine news The US dollar traded lower against almost all of its major peers on Tuesday, as inves [...]

Market Report: 24/11/20

Sterling jumps on Oxford vaccine news, lockdown end FX trading opened for the week in a highly volatile fashion on Monday, a contrast to las [...]

Market Report: 13/11/20

EM currencies move lower amid record COVID cases Risk aversion returned to financial markets on Thursday, leading to a sell-off in equity an [...]

Market Report: 12/11/20

Euro under pressure amid ongoing virus concerns The euro was back under pressure on Wednesday, spending all of London trading below the 1.18 [...]

Market Report: 11/10/20

US virus cases jump to fresh highs, vaccine optimism eases Risk currencies gave back some of their gains yesterday, having rallied sharply o [...]

Market Report: 10/11/20

Risk assets soar on upbeat COVID-19 vaccine news Only one news headline mattered to financial markets yesterday and it had nothing to do wit [...]

Weekly Report: 09/11/2020

US dollar falls as Biden wins presidential election As the votes were tallied over the week in the key swing states, it became increasingly [...]

Market Report: 06/11/2020

Dollar sell-off sharply as market confident of Biden win This week has been an extraordinary hectic in the foreign exchange market, with the [...]

Market Report: 03/11/20

What to expect in FX on US presidential election day Americans head to the polls today in what has been billed by some as one of the most im [...]

Weekly Report: 02/11/20

Dollar rallies ahead of US election, rising virus cases Risk assets tumbled last week and investors flocked into safe-havens, spooky by wors [...]

Market Report: 29/10/20

Euro falters as France and Germany announce lockdowns The euro sold-off sharply on Wednesday, down over half a percent at one stage, as inve [...]

Market Report: 28/10/20

National lockdown fears weigh on euro and sterling Ongoing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 spread in Europe, and last-minute market jitter [...]

Market Report: 27/10/20

Stocks slide on rising virus cases, US election uncertainty Panic set in among financial markets yesterday, with equity markets falling shar [...]

Market Report: 23/10/20

Euro rallies as October PMIs avoid complete collapse The euro jumped back above the 1.18 level versus the US dollar this morning, helped by [...]

Market Report: 22/10/20

Sterling soars as Barnier talks up possible Brexit deal The pound was one of the best performing major currencies yesterday, rallying sharpl [...]

Market Report: 21/10/20

Dollar hits one-month low on US stimulus hopes The dollar has sold-off violently against high risk currencies in the past 24 hours after com [...]

Market Report: 20/10/20

Euro jumps on US stimulus hopes as deadline looms The euro leapt to its strongest position in almost a week against the US dollar on Monday, [...]

Market Report: 16/10/20

Dollar outperforms as European restrictions tightened Investors sought safety once again on Thursday, flocking to the safe-haven US dollar a [...]

Market Report: 15/10/20

Election uncertainty, rising virus cases hit risk assets A combination of election uncertainty and rising European virus case numbers has pr [...]

Market Report: 14/10/2020

How the rising European virus cases are impacting FX Risk assets sold-off across the board on Tuesday, with risk appetite deteriorating as i [...]