Euro under pressure amid ongoing virus concerns

The euro was back under pressure on Wednesday, spending all of London trading below the 1.18 level versus
the US dollar.

Rising virus cases in Europe remains a big cause for concern for investors. New COVID cases have continued to
hit fresh record highs in some of the major economies in the bloc in the past few days, despite stricter
restrictions designed to halt its spread. The worry for the market is that the current lockdown measures could
be extended deeper into December and maybe even over the Christmas period in some countries, which
would be another massive blow for the bloc’s already fragile economy.

President of the European Central Bank Christine Lagarde spoke during an ECB Forum on central banking
yesterday, giving another clear hint that policymakers would be increasing stimulus measures in order to
protect the Euro Area economy. She noted that ‘while all options are on the table, the PEPP and TLTROs have
proven their effectiveness in the current environment and can be dynamically adjusted to react to how the
pandemic evolves’. While the euro moved modestly lower following her comments, this merely reinforces what
the market is already largely pricing in – a sizable increase in the ECB’s emergency bond buying programme is
almost certain to be forthcoming at the bank’s December meeting.

UK economy posts record expansion in third quarter

The UK economy bounced back more-or-less in line with expectations in the third quarter of the year according
to data from ONS this morning, expanding by a record 15.5% in the three months to September following its
record contraction in Q2. The more timely data on industrial and manufacturing production both missed their
mark, and we’ve seen a little bit of a move lower in the pound so far today as a result. Sterling was already
under pressure yesterday, retreating from its highest level in two months versus the dollar amid ongoing jitters
surrounding the Brexit process. According to reports from Reuters, the mid-November deadline for a deal was
likely to be missed, with talks to instead continue into next week. While the market appears confident that a
deal will be done, the longer the process drags on, the greater the element of doubt.

US dollar rallies against peers as market optimism sours

Meanwhile, the US dollar continues to be driven largely by sentiment towards the pandemic and news of a
potential vaccine. With optimism towards the latter waning slightly, we’ve seen a move higher in the greenback
versus most of its major peers in the past 24 hours or so.

Investors have been largely unflustered by ongoing political headlines. President-elect Biden has begun
making transition plans for the White House, despite Trump’s refusal to accept defeat and his ongoing legal
challenge against the result of the election. Trump is targeting the states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan,
Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for recounts. There may be some lingering concerns among investors
should his legal challenge gain any degree of traction. We do, however, expect this to ultimately fail, with any
correction in risk sentiment linked to the election likely to be relatively minor from here.

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