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Reduce and manage the cost of global trade using Capitex pricing and hedging solutions.

Capitex provides a tailored solution to corporate clients. Whether your business imports goods from China or exports into Europe, we aim to reduce the risk that FX fluctuations impose on your profit margins.

Understanding Foreign Exchange Risk

Trading internationally offers UK businesses opportunity to trade both goods and services in a significantly larger marketplace than there geographical location would alone. It also provides opportunities for improves cost efficiencies and increased sales revenues.

Businesses that are active in many international locations can benefit from a level of risk diversification, which can provide protection against slowing economic performance in a single or domestic market.

However, companies that deal with FX or hold international assets and liabilities on their balance sheets naturally develop additional risk, which only increases as there overseas business in foreign currency grows.

Foreign Exchange prices are usually volatile and thus exceedingly difficult to predict. As a result, FX risk is often a key priority for business owners and Finance Directors when considering financial and business risk.

Your objectives, our expertise

Through providing foreign exchange services to clients across a wide range of industries, Capitex is able to offer a suite of online capabilities, bespoke products and analytical expertise. By understanding our clients long and short term objectives, our dedicated dealers achieve real impact on foreign exchange transactions through tighter pricing and overall increased efficiency.

In-depth Knowledge

Your dedicated account manager will work with you to develop an in-depth knowledge of your business. When the market moves we understand the effects it will have on your balance sheet. We will keep you updated with key movements and economic events so you are correctly positioned to make the right decision.

We understand

We understand that FX is just one key element of your business, but one that can have large impacts. We will act as your eyes and ears, so you can focus on daily business tasks whilst remaining fully informed and able to make the right decision to maximise profitability on international trade.


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