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We are Capitex – A specialist provider of foreign exchange solutions to Corporate, Institutional and HNW customers. We support our customers in all aspects of foreign exchange.

The solutions we offer are tailored and bespoke, because no two customers are the same.

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FX Risk Management

At Capitex, we do not pretend to have the crystal ball to predict where markets are heading. Quite frankly, there is no service or provider that can reliably offer this. As a result, businesses or individuals with an international footprint will become vulnerable to currency risk.

There are three main variables that a decision maker should consider when navigating the currency markets, particularly when hedging. How much? How long? And when?

The art of FX Risk Management lies with harmonizing these three variables so that a business or individual is not over hedged or under hedged but hits the ‘sweet spot’. With a bespoke strategy in place, our customers can take control of market volatility.


We enable our customers to get paid from almost anywhere, in almost any currency. This allows them to truly expand their reach.

Due to our global banking footprint, we are able to provide our customers with unique named accounts based in the UK, EU, USA and Canada through one centralised platform, reducing the annoyances of international banking at a fraction of the cost.

We allow our customers to improve relationships with their customers by facilitating payments in local currencies. We make use of local payment networks to avoid unnecessary delays and charges.

Furthermore, we eliminate the need for our customers to manually check funds received through automated notifications.


Through traditional banks, making payments can be extremely costly. Moreover, it can be extremely inefficient. We make use of local payment routes thanks to our global banking relationships.

We provide our customers with more choice, more control, more transparency, more speed and more visibility of their international payments. Our customers have full visibility of the entire payment lifecycle and can view the exact location of funds within minutes.

Our pre-payment verification software allows errors in payment details to be established before payments are sent. This prevents delays, additional costs and returned funds.

Embrace full transparency by allowing beneficiaries to receive real-time email notifications when payments have been sent, improving relationships with customers.


Capitex operates like a private bank in the sense that every customer has direct access to their Account Manager whom they can speak to within minutes, we truly are a service led business and that is what differentiates us. However, we do recommend that in conjunction with this, our customers make use of Capitex Online – it’s a game changer.

From this portal our customers are able to fully take control by viewing account details, managing beneficiaries, viewing account balances, viewing historical transactions as well as gaining access to news insights and market updates. All from one centralised platform.

We believe that making use of your dedicated Account Manager alongside the functionalities of Capitex Online is the most advanced way to manage currency.

Leading the way in payment technology

The technology we utilise underpins everything that we do. The world of payments and foreign exchange is rapidly evolving. We are constantly developing our infrastructure to ensure we are at the forefront of technological advances so our solution can be the best it can be.

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Keeping you ahead of news & insights

Capitex are best positioned to assist and guide our clients through all market conditions. We understand the impact external events can have on your currency requirement. Through your dedicated account manager or Capitex Online, we bring the news & insights affecting the market to you.

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Helping your business scale new heights

With the help of the combined industry experience at Capitex, we have designed and tested solutions which we are proud to present to our clients.

Whether you are a larger corporate business, or an SME in a growing market, we aim to keep scalability as a key factor when working with you.

We know that at any stage of a business, the aim is expansion, and we believe that the support provided by our expert team will help to drive growth in all areas, not just foreign exchange.

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